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The forum enters into its third phase, focusing on the external aid reform of the European union. We would like you to have a look on the background note for the discussion prior to subscribe. You need to be familiar with their content before subscribing to the forum.
Subscriptions and introductions are possible through the entire duration of the forum.

PHASE 3: 8 September to 3 November 2000
Discussions on the external aid reform of the European Union: (Definition of cooperation policies and priorities, coherence among donors, Decentralisation of aid management)
X Phase 2: 21 November 1999 to the end of April 2000
Free discussions on the media and internet. Education for development, role of universities in development
- debate on the continuation of the forum.
X Phase 1: 19 April to October 1999
Debate and propositions on the EU-ACP cooperation, on the diagnostic and results of the seminar 'Actors and cooperation processes between the EU and the ACP'

The Complete Agenda
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