Forum Agenda



PHASE 3: 8 September to 3 November 2000: Current management of the forum: ECDPM
Discussions on the external aid reform of the European Union: (Definition of cooperation policies and priorities, coherence among donors, Decentralisation of aid management)
X PHASE 2: 21 November 1999 to the end of April 2000
Free discussions on the media and internet. Education for development, role of universities in development
- debate on the continuation of the forum.
X PHASE 1: 19 April to October 1999
Debate and propositions on the EU-ACP cooperation, on the diagnostic and results of the seminar 'Actors and cooperation processes between the EU and the ACP'
- October: Conclusions of thematic debates
X Informal discussions (in particular on the future of the forum) and publication of last reactions to conclusions (1 to 5 November)
X Reconsideration of the whole of discussions to extract proposals and validate them (18 to 31 October)
X Break : Informal discussions and general messages (from 4 to 17 October)
From - 24 May to end of October: Thematic discussions on the diagnostic and proposals from the seminar
- 3.10 Making of Budgetary Aid a Collective Process of Evolution of Governance
- 3.11 Backing the Actors and the Processes by Combining the Lomé Convention and the European Union's Own Budget
- 3.12 Sparking off, with Officer Involvement, a Dynamics of Change within the Commission
+ 4. The Need for a Joint Effort of the European Parliament and the European Commission
- 3.7 A Fresh Start form the Local Level
- 3.8 Public Information on Aid is the Key to Democratic Control
- 3.9 Developing a EUROPE/ACP Partnership in the Management of Flows of Goods and People
- 3.4 Giving Partnership back its Meaning
- 3.5 Globalization wih a human face
- 3.6 Putting Actors at the Heart of European Co-operation
- 3.1 Moving from Project Support to Supporting Processes
- 3.2 Backing a Twofold Dynamics of Decentralisation and of Regional Integration
- 3.3 Transforming Procedures and Practices
From - 10 May to 23 May: introduction of participants
From - 20 April to 9 May: reading of the documents
- 19 April 1999: opening of the forum

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