Experience Reports

On the initiative of the Charles Léopold Mayer Foundation, a first experience-capitalisation phase was completed with the different parties involved in European Co-operation (January - February 1999). It brought up over 200 experience reports among partners from the ACP countries and Europe. These experience reports were used as input for the reference document on which the EU-ACP Forum is based.

As a result of the first phase of the forum (April to October 1999), a new series of reports were added to the data base, which now includes 328 reports.

There are three ways of consulting these reports:  :

  • Consult the data base developed by AMI   
  • Do a full-text search through the whole of the reports.
  • Browse through the reports in groups of ten.

Do you have a report to offer?

  1. If you are familiar with the methodology DPH, you can work on the downloadable form DPHmaskE.txt
  2. If you are doing this for the first time, [you can address your reports to us directly,] written with your usual word processor (do not write more than two pages) in an attached file to <lami@lami.org>
The EU-ACP data base

The association AMI has developed a structured search engine on the basis of indexed experience-bank sections. This data base, which can be consulted via Internet, allows you to search through the whole of the reports by using key words (author, geographic zone, proposals, etc.).

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