What are the documents on this Web site?

Reference documents

This section comprises the documents that served to open the debate on this forum. In addition, it contains the conclusions of the first six months' discussions as validated and amended by the forum participants (in French only). Finally, there will soon be a few more documents to show the overall results of this public-debate experience.

Experiences Reports

More than 200 experience reports by actors in about twenty countries were analysed as a basis for the drafting of the reference document. All of these reports can be consulted in the 'experiences' section.

Participants' Contributions

Forum participants can file on this Web site any document that can feed the debate, or offer links to other sites related to the themes being discussed. If you wish to do so, send your documents or URL addresses to publication@ue-acp.org with a short introduction (in English and in French for bilingual documents or Web sites).

Resources for the Debate

This section is produced in partnership with Euforic. It aims to make available to the forum participants and the visitors on this Web site some resources on the Lomé Convention and the renegotiations in progress. It also offers references related to the themes currently being debated on the forum.

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